tour of my room in glorious 2-D. also, i’d show you my closet, but the ratio of cardigans and scarves to t-shirts and pants in there is embarrassing. anyway, tour starts… now:

most people think the door with chris carrabba on it is krystal’s room haha

i love books, Bible, postcards/letters, fishy, paint, netbooks, ipods, audio sound systems, sketchbooks, photographs, bear, window blinds, and lamp

left side of my room: turntable, pillows, chair; not much goes on there

memory box, polaroids (abby with the thumbs up haha), the office

polaroid (i actually have 3 more, but they’re scattered around the house and the trunk of my car) and holga cameras, my calvin and hobbes collection

chubby krystal! she says “entrees include steamed rice and fortune cookie!”

best friend bear with scarf, he’s soft

new fishy with no name… maybe the human torch? flame on! kinda gay

postcards/letters from rach and bianca, mixtape from melissa, celebrity photo booth picture book (rachel and i included), 16 of the same picture on a cup

harmonica, book, book, book, book, book, book, tiny chinese food box?

this mousepad is rachel’s mousepad’s twinzieee

shoeboxes filled with useless objects and comic books

this is a decoy, muahahaha

my secret stash: mountain dew code red, mountain dew code red, mountain dew, and oreos… mm nom nom nom

jellyfish and outer space are my favorites

i call the first one “brushstroke anomaly “, the second one is rach’s creation

she’ll destroy us all before she’s through

blah, blah, and blah

“i am exactly like you, only opposite” and a 3-year-old message from my jeremie anne quilala

i have ipods, speakers, and headphones scattered about everywhere