I sleep with my arms across my chest and dream of you with someone else.

September 7, 2005

I’m not mad. The thing is, it is all understandable. Painfully understandable. But it… HURTS. I know that you never intended it to, but these are my feelings, not yours. I guess it was inevitable. I guess I knew it all along. And just so you know… You’re right. God only wants the best. For us all. And as far as “best” goes, I guess I just ain’t it. It’s okay though. God is good, and I’m excited for what He has planned in the future, and who His best is for me, while I myself develop into someone’s else’s best. As for right now though, like right this second… I’m an effing wreck.

No charity, donations, or shows could fix or relieve this disaster. Lgfuad.


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