When you’re feelin’ this blue, sometimes the right smile can save you.

September 18, 2005

Sigh. I’m dyin’ here with this cold. But I think the meds are kicking in, so I’ll sleep soon. Steamer’s Jazz Club and Cafe tonight. And with none other than my favorite bug, Vanessa. We were both kind of passive and sad today, but the live jazz, and the whole atmosphere pretty much lifted our spirits. It was Latin jazz, which was a surprise(I was hoping for blues or bebop), but it was awesome nonetheless. The band consisted of a lead guitarist, bassist, drummer, bongo(er?), saxophonist/flute(ist?), trumpet player, and a jazz pianist. The piano guy was AMAZING. I found myself anticipating the piano solos, then savoring every note. Anyways, I was glad to get out of the house, experience some unprecedented live jazz by some VERY talented instrumentalists(In the front row, mind you), and spend some quality time with miss bugface. Love it love it love it. Love it.

Experience everything. Or at least anything. Live.


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