It’s kind of disturbing to see how many myspace comment sluts have developed in the past year. It’s understandable if you like nice, random comments once in a while(I love ’em), but if you’re begging people to leave you comments on how beautiful you look, I pity you. Are you really THAT attention-starved? Here are some requests/demands I’ve come across: “New pic! If you love me, you’ll leave a comment.” “I tricked you into opening my bulletin by having a weird subject line! New pictures, so please leave a comment!” “Do not add me as a friend unless you plan to leave me comments.” “I delete friends who do not leave me love.” Wow. Who ARE you morons?

On a related topic… I hate when individuals excessively post unavailing and useless bulletins. Especially if they’re the same ones consecutively! I actually had to delete Bob from my friends because I’d get like ten bulletins in a row reitterating subject matter such as “support underground hiphop”, and “listen to these ill tracks”, etc… He’d literally post a bulletin every five minutes! I’m not hostile or anything; I just find it funny in a sad way. Or sad in a funny way. Learn to love yourself, and your true friends. Treasure and appreciate them. Also know that there are better and more productive things to do on or off the internet besides myspace. Myspace is a creative and innovative way to keep in touch, and I myself am a myspace whore, but when you depend on it so much as to boost your own ego, inflate your head, and take up half your life, you’re pretty much taking it to the extreme. Be sensible. People do love you. Remember that.

If you agree with me, leave me a comment telling me how pretty you think I am.



October 21, 2005

Running through my mind right now, at this very second: I wish I was sexier. Smarter. Funnier. Savvier. Eloquent. Charming. Cavalier. Loveable. Everything or anything that would make you feel the same wayabout me as I feel about you. I’m going out of my mind, daydreaming. The way to your heart is full of bumps, forks, & complicated paths. (At least for me.)

Maybe it’s finally time to ask you for directions, because frankly… I’m lost.


October 14, 2005

Myspace second anniversary bash. Dashboard Confessional. The All-American Rejects. Jimmy Eat World. October 29th at Dodger Stadium. Four tickets. Three of my favorite kids. Come and sing along with me. Come dance yourself to life. (Can you still feel the butterflies?) So yes, I’ll see you there.

Swing swing swing from the tangles of my heart.

I have: to get out of this place.
I hurt: when I didn’t need to.
I love: The Spill Canvas. Listen to them. And I love LOST. This is sad.
I hate: ignorant white girls. Grr.
I hope: i’m not an ignorant filipino boy.
I feel: a little more optimistic.
I hide: my feelings way too much. Unless it’s in this blog. Then I’m vague.
I learned: that ignorance would be bliss.
I need: to finally act my age.
I wonder: what you see in him.
I ache: no comment.
I dance: occasionally. Only with pretty girls.
I sing: every waking moment, unfortunately for those around me.
I cry: never. Or maybe I’m saying that to sound tough.
I write: these insipid blogs with the worst intentions. I occasionally have just BAD intentions.
I won: what?
I lost: $51.00 in Vegas.
I confuse: everyone who comes in contact with me.
I should: be more happy and outgoing and less sarcastic and solitary. Be my old self.
One minute ago: Laughed out loud about our plans for sushi night. (Anthony, Matt, and I).
One hour ago: I showered.
One day ago: Eunice threw an ALMOST empty coke can at me. At least it wasn’t pepsi.

I’m changin’ it up a little.

Sometimes I’ve got to keep my mouth shut. I’m drenched in Coca-cola.

I’ve given in to guilty pleasure twice this week. I feel terrible. Not only that, but I’ve also managed to call Katrina “heartless” and an “f-er” on two consecutive days. (By accident, mind you. Well, not the heartless part.) Yowzers. So I feel even worse. My apologies are offered if you’ll take ’em. Things haven’t been all that great this week, but I’ll be darned if I ain’t due for a miracle. I’m praying things can’t get any worse. I’ve been working and “learning” 24/7, and I’m tired as heck. I’m looking forward to Chino Hills bbs tonight, and to some rest and relaxation as well. I think it’ll help lift my spirits. Seeing Aimee friday night won’t hurt either. Small crushes are fun.

Come and give me a high five, friends.

I never had a chance to mention Uncle Pirateman and the Del Taco Adventure in my September entries. I don’t really want to tell it blogwise anymore, but if you inquire about it, i’ll tell the story with the same enthusiasm and vigor as the first time I told it. I’ve reitterated it on so many occasions, but it never gets old. I’ve purchased the complete first season of LOST. I’m hooked. Watch it because I want to talk to you about it. I went to UCR last night with Matthew Vansickle and Anthony to visit Erik at his dorm. I had fun, but… Wow. Things really got out of hand. I’m going to pull a My Chemical Romance and shout this dsclaimer to the ladies out there: Please do not drink or get drunk. You will do things that you WILL regret. I’m scared for you. On a lighter note, listen to Daphne Loves Derby if you haven’t already. You will fall in love. This story’s a doosie: So Anthony and a couple of his buddies were at a show, and they dress pretty normal. They were standing next to some scene kids… You know, with their bangs over their eyes, girl pants, eyeliner, etc… And the scenesters were staring them down and looking at them weird. This is what Anthony assumed they were thinking: “Look at these fags wearing guy pants.” Haha. Let me close my random rambling session with this aim conversation…

darling bianca: ive got to go to bed. i miss you.
darling bianca: and i love you to bits. <333333 goodnight.

Sigh. Maybe I’ll run away to the Bay Area.
Boys like me are a dime a dozen. Girls like you come once in a blue moon.

(Stolen from my favourite Bianca. Hope you don’t mind.)

01. I don’t know why, but I feel as if the damage between us is irreparable. I sincerely hope I’m wrong.

02. I’ve never verbalized this truth, but you are my best friend and confidant. Meet me halfway.

03. If you lived nearer to me, I’d definitely fall in love with you. You’re an incredible girl.

04. Though things still feel a bit… awkward, I’m glad we’ve salvaged our friendship.

05. I would’ve done anything for you. Honestly. But this statement won’t mean a thing to you, which is why it hurts.

06. Your godliness and prayer life is apparent and admirable. I just wish you possessed more confidence in just being yourself.

07. You’re like a sister to me. I miss you because I haven’t seen you lately, but I love you.

08. Yeah, buddy! We need a catch-up session.

09. Someone needs to kick you off your damn pedestal. Soon.

10. You need to re-examine your priorities and responsibilities. Please grow up. Your immaturity is one of my pet peeves.