If you ever get mauled by bears, I hope they stay away from your face because I think you’re cute.

October 3, 2005

I never had a chance to mention Uncle Pirateman and the Del Taco Adventure in my September entries. I don’t really want to tell it blogwise anymore, but if you inquire about it, i’ll tell the story with the same enthusiasm and vigor as the first time I told it. I’ve reitterated it on so many occasions, but it never gets old. I’ve purchased the complete first season of LOST. I’m hooked. Watch it because I want to talk to you about it. I went to UCR last night with Matthew Vansickle and Anthony to visit Erik at his dorm. I had fun, but… Wow. Things really got out of hand. I’m going to pull a My Chemical Romance and shout this dsclaimer to the ladies out there: Please do not drink or get drunk. You will do things that you WILL regret. I’m scared for you. On a lighter note, listen to Daphne Loves Derby if you haven’t already. You will fall in love. This story’s a doosie: So Anthony and a couple of his buddies were at a show, and they dress pretty normal. They were standing next to some scene kids… You know, with their bangs over their eyes, girl pants, eyeliner, etc… And the scenesters were staring them down and looking at them weird. This is what Anthony assumed they were thinking: “Look at these fags wearing guy pants.” Haha. Let me close my random rambling session with this aim conversation…

darling bianca: ive got to go to bed. i miss you.
darling bianca: and i love you to bits. <333333 goodnight.

Sigh. Maybe I’ll run away to the Bay Area.
Boys like me are a dime a dozen. Girls like you come once in a blue moon.


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