It’s 3am on Thursday and I’ve got tired eyes&butterflies for tomorrow.

October 6, 2005

I’ve given in to guilty pleasure twice this week. I feel terrible. Not only that, but I’ve also managed to call Katrina “heartless” and an “f-er” on two consecutive days. (By accident, mind you. Well, not the heartless part.) Yowzers. So I feel even worse. My apologies are offered if you’ll take ’em. Things haven’t been all that great this week, but I’ll be darned if I ain’t due for a miracle. I’m praying things can’t get any worse. I’ve been working and “learning” 24/7, and I’m tired as heck. I’m looking forward to Chino Hills bbs tonight, and to some rest and relaxation as well. I think it’ll help lift my spirits. Seeing Aimee friday night won’t hurt either. Small crushes are fun.

Come and give me a high five, friends.


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