The way you smile when you say his name, not like when you say mine.

October 12, 2005

I have: to get out of this place.
I hurt: when I didn’t need to.
I love: The Spill Canvas. Listen to them. And I love LOST. This is sad.
I hate: ignorant white girls. Grr.
I hope: i’m not an ignorant filipino boy.
I feel: a little more optimistic.
I hide: my feelings way too much. Unless it’s in this blog. Then I’m vague.
I learned: that ignorance would be bliss.
I need: to finally act my age.
I wonder: what you see in him.
I ache: no comment.
I dance: occasionally. Only with pretty girls.
I sing: every waking moment, unfortunately for those around me.
I cry: never. Or maybe I’m saying that to sound tough.
I write: these insipid blogs with the worst intentions. I occasionally have just BAD intentions.
I won: what?
I lost: $51.00 in Vegas.
I confuse: everyone who comes in contact with me.
I should: be more happy and outgoing and less sarcastic and solitary. Be my old self.
One minute ago: Laughed out loud about our plans for sushi night. (Anthony, Matt, and I).
One hour ago: I showered.
One day ago: Eunice threw an ALMOST empty coke can at me. At least it wasn’t pepsi.

I’m changin’ it up a little.


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