Let the stars chase you away.

November 15, 2005

I love how autumn feels on my face. And how the oranges and yellows burn the leaves on/off the trees. And the fact that scarves and sweaters will be the new daily attire soon. The world has a funny way of playing tricks. One day I’ve got everything so figured out, and the next I’m a trainwreck. And the realization that time has been passing so quickly lately doesn’t help. It’s almost time to send cards out about on the holidays. Sometimes I wonder if the words I write in those letters are actually sincere. Or if it’s all just thoughtless, unmeaningful, yet uplifting babble. I hope it’s the former. Because I like to think that I do care. I’m kind of rambling on, and it’s 3:23am, so I’m sorry if this is difficult to decipher. I spend these nights awake fixed on thoughts of certain moments and hopeful ideas. On questionable actions and whether everything or anything matters. You are my deepest and my darkest. You always have been. Whether you always will be is to be determined. These words are poor substitute for my emotions. Take my word that I’m smiling. I think I’m crazy. But then the best ones always are. Let’s listen to The Spill Canvas and fall in love with each other again for the first time, because you are beautiful. This is to everybody. And somebody. And nobody.

This is my mood right now.


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