This is your first Thanksgiving in Heaven. This is my first without you here with me.

November 25, 2005

I miss you to death. As soon as today kicked in, I was reminded of you. Right about now, you’d be here, arriving with your famous baked ham. We’d converse about work, family, about my current romantic interest; we’d joke about past romantic interests, and of course we’d fill each other in on all the latest, juciest gossip. I still hold all your stories, anecdotes, and life lessons in my mind, while I keep the memory of you close to my heart. You are my second mother, a beautiful woman of God. I hear Heaven’s pretty awesome. When I get there, we’ll have a good, lengthy conversation. What I wouldn’t give to hear the raspiness of your voice, or your laugh, bubbly and fragile. I thank God for the privelege and blessing of knowing you. Happy Thanksgiving.

You’ve got a knack for being lovable that I miss and wish I could inherit or learn.


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