December makes me forget everything that doesn’t matter.

December 2, 2005

Winter’s come. It gets dark before I even get to wrap my head around the day. Everywhere I go, decorations of festive red & green, while jingles and melodies of Christmastime fill my ears, soothing and warm. The cold weather and brisk air brings me to life. More so than in any other season. Let’s put on our warm jackets and scarves, take long walks around the neighborhood, crushing fiery dead leaves under our feet, stopping only to admire gorgeous houses draped in radiant light that reflect this time spent with one another. Let’s talk, laugh, sing, and scream until our voices go out, so that instead of words, are just visible wisps of warm breath. I’d mouth “Are you okay?” You’d gaze at me with beautiful, violent eyes that leave me paralyzed, and smile that sincere kind of smile. The kind that says, “Yeah, I think we’re okay.”

This one’s in the works. I need chords.


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