I don’t know what’s in store for me, but what I do know is that it’s beautiful.

December 12, 2005

I long to rejoice in the trials I face. But difficulty ensues in these trying, dark days. I pray for a way to obey what You say, but it’s hard to stay faithful, stay joyful always. Yet, I will do my best and I’ll run in this race, and I’ll keep my pace steady, ’cause I know your grace pays. In the end, I’ll defend, like a bestest best friend, You my God, who forgives everytime and again. And again, I am grateful for that motivation, to apply what James 1 says, to also have patience. To pay close attention, the work to be done, not conform to this world, and to live as His son. Like the Son, like the sun, try to shine like the light, in the darkness I’ll fight, with His might, the good fight. And I’ll fight for the One who created this earth, and who died for my sin, I won’t belittle Your worth. Though it hurts, sometimes, I will follow Your plan, and I’ll stand, be a man that’s molded by Your hand. And I can, say I can’t, I won’t quit, I’ll defend. Live life, love, and God. Now I’ll end with “the end.”

Written because/in spite of current situations. Why in rap form? No idea.


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