Lighter notes.

March 2, 2006

So I woke up this morning(9am) and read my own entry from this morning(3am). I couldn’t help but think to myself: I would so hate to be you. You put up with so much and I don’t know how you do it. Your patience(or at least your composure) is admirable. I’ve no intentions of making things awkward or weird. The previous entry was merely an amalgamation of thoughts, feelings, and emotions put into lowercases and capitals that I’ve had bottled in for God knows how long. I won’t delete it, but I hope we can proceed going on with the way things are now, because I love how all of it is. High five me with a sincere smile on your face when i see you next.

Haha. I titled this lighter notes but lately, every entry I’ve planned to type has not come out as intended. Chalk it up to ungodly amounts of CocaCola and screamo. So ON A LIGHTER NOTE: Sunnydaysafterrainydaysmakemesmile. I’ve just purchased the Underoath CD/DVD and I’m in love. I was immensely upset at the fact that the TBS show at the HOB was sold out. But I talked to one of our Starbucks regulars last night, and apparently, he might have two extra tickets. If his friends bail, he’s willing to sell one to me. I’m not getting my hopes up yet though. My journey through the book of Galatians is a total blessing, as well as an eye-opener. I’ll address that in a future entry though. Miss Heather Peraza and I have made plans to see Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins at the Glasshouse. Can’t wait. I’m still sick and I haven’t got a voice, but I detect hints of wellness. I think that’s all I’ll type for now. I’ll close with some Underoath lyrics: “Hey unfaithful, I will teach you to be stronger. Hey ungrateful, I will teach you to forgive one another. Hey unloving, I will love you.”

God’s good all the time. And I absolutely adore Christian screamo. Gah.


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