One tall decaf coffee for Tyrone Wells.

April 24, 2006

So I totally met Tyrone Wells earlier. I know. Weird. I was working, and he came up to the register and asked for a tall decaf. I suspected it was him, and the name on the credit card confirmed my notion. We only talked for about 5 minutes, but it was still pretty cool. The conversation consisted of: The release party at the El Rey and why I can’t attend, Western Christian, my “cool” name, “Better Off Without You” and “Dream Like New York”. We tried calling up Katrina, but she didn’t answer. That’s probably because she screens her calls. I always get lucky when it comes to meeting people I admire (not necessarily “celebrity status”) in the most random places. And they’re always nice enough to take pictures with me, sign autographs, or make phonecalls to Katrina. I wish he’d have left a message, but I was talking him so long that there was a line behind him, so we cut it short. We shook hands, and he was like, “It was nice meeting you, Hendrix.” And I was like, “Likewise. If plans fall through, I’ll try to make it on Saturday.” And that was the end.

Another one of those days I guess.


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