"Do your feet hurt?"

May 5, 2006

The response:

“Hi Hendrix! Lol at first I thought this was a chain mail. Anyways…wow. You’re like..really courageous for doing this. I was actually moved by your letter and I actually love the idea of sitting on top of a building in our PJ’s eating cereal :D I didn’t know I’d create an impression on you. Is it because I wear glasses sometimes? Hahaha. You’re a really nice guy, Hendrix, and I would LOVE to eat breakfast/lunch/dinner with you….but as friends. I’m really sorry, but I’m already sorta seeing this one guy… but believe me when I say this, if I wasn’t dating the [him], I would have definitley taken my chances with you. You seem like a very fun, outgoing, genuine kind of guy.

But yeah, I’m truly sorry, Hendrix!! Don’t feel so embarrassed. You should feel proud because most guys are really scared and this message you sent me really affected me in a good way! You know, like bonus points haha. I really love it. I just hope things don’t seem awkward around us haha. For now, let’s be friends, yeah? I hope you understand. Chin up. You’ll meet another wonderful goofy girl soon. After all, who can resist your charm, eh? :)

Love, (her name here). P.S: Great pick up line hahaha.”

Just another day in the life. Gah. You’re gorgeous.


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