I keep fixing all the habits that i break.

June 18, 2006

gah. I suck at choir. I’d quit if it wasn’t so much fun. & hey. its for God. i hope pastor nate doesn’t mind.

obey sale the other day was yummy. I’m eight t-shirts and two jackets richer.

I wrote about you again but deleted it because I came to my senses. I know its seemed (understatement, I know) like it these past few years, but my journal (or my life for that matter) doesn’t revolve around you. & you know its getting pretty pathetic when every journal entry’s about some girl you only hang out with once every six months. if even. all we’re made up of is half-truths and witty sarcasm mixed with (in)considerate smiles and coerced hugs.

j-anne quilala is my best friend.


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