Bummin’ it at the b****.

June 23, 2006

nervous car rides and awkward “jokes.” extremely tired eyes. not tired enough though to not stop from looking at you. I’m sure you must’ve felt it. and maybe I should apologize for believing that you are the most angelic thing walking the earth. and that the thought of spending consecutive lifetimes with you makes me indescribably happy. sometimes I think I don’t have a fighting chance of ever getting over you. who woulda thunk this’d be so hard? this entry contradicts the last. as usual.

lovely day at the beach with the kids. aside from when I was getting lost, getting stuck in traffic, and the fact that I rear-ended some lady’s lexus. yikes. its funny how I still can’t complain. it couldve been worse. thank You Lord for keeping me safe. lots of laughs, compliments of mark f’n diaz.

real update later. or not.


One Response to “Bummin’ it at the b****.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    comments are awesome, aren’t they? you should leave one! but only if you’re cool. or extremely pretty. if you’re the latter, you should also leave your phone number.

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