Insomnia’s a pet peeve but it keeps me from dreaming of you.

June 27, 2006

sosleepycantsleep. might as well random rant. new dashboard album comes out. best buy at 9am w/ heather because we’re dc dweebs. she doesn’t fancy you, btw. I’ve heard her reasoning for why and I can’t argue her points. I’m a sucker and we(ve) know(n) it. shes a hero and therapist and safety net for me everytime. thanks for st icking/aying up for me. you’re one of the only girls that can put a smile on my face without smacking it right off moments later. at least so far.

sometimes I love the feeling of knowing secrets about people that don’t think you know. I’m (not) sorry that I’m going to keep doing what you hate that I do. but I’ve got a feeling that it won’t be for long. and words like “we’ll hang out soon” are easier said than meant. dishonest tones of voice and stone faces. all these lips are good for are words telling you a nonchalant “I like your hair”, while all my mind is good for is thoughts like “take me I’m yours.” and btw — comments aren’t disabled. but this boy already is.

both pirates and warped tour — july 7th. how awesome is that. maybe ill marry a supermodel and win a lifetime supply of coca cola that day too.

written in a dark room by some kid drinking warm uncarbonated sprite. its like 4am and this wasn’t intended to make much sense. get it or don’t.

nonsensical blogs are the new whatever.


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