I love you but right now i just dont like you.

June 30, 2006

drama fo’ yo’ muh f’n mama. please be as emo as you like because I did all the right things and now I know not to treat you like a queen, especially when I’m neither interested in nor in any attempt to be your king. I’ve always been there for you and yet I constantly fall victim to your ever inconsistent mood swings. after all this time, I’ve still never benn able to figure you out. I never will. this is no way I want to spend my summer (or my life). I sure as hell have nothing to apologize for, so if theres going to be any kind of reconciliation, you’ll have to take the first humble step. awkward glances and playing “ghosts in the hallway” just doesn’t cut it, sister. you and I have endured and invested too much for almost seven years into this friendship, to just ball it up and throw it out the window. lets not blow it.

“I know you can list your friends but you can’t count on them.”


One Response to “I love you but right now i just dont like you.”

  1. scary! who is this one about?? i’ve been in vegas so not me :)mercy on that person’s soul<3

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