"One time I hit my vagina bone there, and it hurt so bad."

July 5, 2006

… the response, courtesy of heather after getting my nuts smashed while changing a trash can. I didn’t know whether to be turned on by the inane statement or to gag. haha.

things that’ve made me happy lately are as follows:

backslaps. not stabs. lowrise jeans. ripped. text messages. damien rice. the hills. jeremie q. the phrase “vagina bone.” thousand island dressing. beach bbq’s. nerf guns at work. quiet time and meditation. family fun days. lauren and how she listens to Brand New’s “Deja Entendu” everyday. independence day and fireworks and the fact that you wore your glasses and had a ponytail tonight. the new dc record. filipino movies with people who don’t speak tagalog and people who speak too MUCH tagalog. patrick stump’s rendition of “so sick.” no work, all play. living it up with everyone I can live it up with because it’ll never be this way again.

God, this summer is the best.


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