Little blue hairclips.

July 22, 2006

yellow finger and toenails match the yellow on my belly when I actually build up the nerve to make eye contact. you really can’t comprehend how my heart beats under, through, and out of this chest when I receive so much as a wave or nod of acknowledgement from you, or even worse(for my heart, not my eyes or any other aspect of my being), a simple smile. but I’d have it no other way because this billion butterfly-filled stomach and thoughts of “I can’t believe you said that” and “you’re such an idiot” to myself the second I end a sentence during a conversation with you tell me you’re so much more than just “some girl I know.” and I’d give almost anything to be more than just “some boy you know.”

EDIT: btw, this pasadena trip may be a lifechanger.
but please please please, not for the worse.
EDIT: Frick.
EDIT: Haha. Okay, we’re on again.


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