You’d make a great secret if I could keep you but we all spill our guts.

September 3, 2006

a click on the receiving end, and you’re off. off doing the very things I hate you doing. with the very people I hate you to be around. and all I want is for you to be good. be good. pleasepleaseplease. I wish you could see how much I care. or sometimes I wish I meant more to you than that devil on your shoulder you choose to listen to. but all I am is a dreamer with your well-being in mind. and all you are is a nightmare with “better” things to do. I’m all out of things to say to you. at the very least, that damn dancefloor must’ve looked a hell of a lot better with you on it, all dressed in your Sunday best.

“be sure to open up your eyes.”
this quote goes out to you.

or quite possibly myself.


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