& all i see are misspelled, poorly written paragraphs of self-acclamation.

September 12, 2006

a patron saint of liars and fakes. I read and hear words from some “good” and “upstanding” individual while all I observe is some poor attention-starved kid trying incredibly hard to stand out with no avail. get a life. you’re just wasting precious time PRETENDING to be someone you’re not when you could be using this time to actually BE that someone. maybe if you did, THEN people would see a literal change for the better instead of hating your guts so much like the way they do now. walk the walk and stop screaming the talk because all it’ll get you are high expectations that you won’t ever (even pretend to) meet.

keep telling yourself and the world that you’re “cured”.
you are the worst case of denial ever witnessed.


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