Comments and messages are our sole forms of communication anymore. OR (We’ve come a long way, princess.)

September 30, 2006

And sometimes I’d have it no other way. I’m the king of over-analyzation and incorrect conclusions. forgive me. I type whatever’s swirling in this head in the wee hours of the night/morning without any concern for consequences. but I was designed to break my own heart and my only real crime is this obsession with documenting it. it’s all (not) mapped out. and I am still lost. exposed to this audience I call my conscience and maybe I should listen but I won’t. sometimes I think I’m the only kid who reads this drivel; I honestly know better. ill keep a sharper mind in the weeks to come. (no promises). I instinctively typed “weaks”. gah.

P.S. that last entry actually had more than that one sentence in it, btw.


5 Responses to “Comments and messages are our sole forms of communication anymore. OR (We’ve come a long way, princess.)”

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