“I gotta say, today was a good day.” – Ice Cube
Pastor Pat gave an awesome message on prayer, which encouraged me immensely.
Dim sum with Rachel. Adidas and awkward meetings with both our parentals. :-P
God, it’s kind of incredible how much I love singing in choir. Gah.
I miss my best, but I think she knows it. Just play it cool.
Family fun night with the Quilala clan at Thai BBQ. Yum.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. July 21st, nigs.

Rachel.: dude, i have The Plan down
Rachel.: and you have to capitalize it because of its importance :)
Rachel.: my party[sweet 16], then we camp out, get the books, then go to the beach and reeeeead!
Rachel.: hahahah
Hendrix.: WOOO! The Plan sounds awesome.
Rachel.: it’s freaking february. we are such nerds.

Yes. Yes, we are. I love it.


Straw wrapper mustaches.

February 19, 2007

Church with Rachel. Carl’s Jr. and blackmail photographs with Rachel.
Cafe Donuts with Rachel. iTunes lessons with Rachel. Sav-on with Rachel.
Sushi at Haru Haru with Rachel. Steamer’s Cafe in Fullerton with Rachel. Kind of.
Downtown Disney and latin jazz with Rachel. Grey’s Anatomy reruns at 11pm with Rachel.

“Choir performance with Marv?” “Nah.” Gah. That girl cracks me up.

Valentine’s day with the best. And I won’t even sugarcoat this. Although I tried to make this as fun and sweet as possible, the difficulty was attempting to make her enjoy the night as well. It was kind of like when you’re at the end of a tube of toothpaste, and in desperation, attempt to squeeze that last bit out… Except the tube was Eunice, and the the impossible goo to squeeze out was fun and happiness. But I guess today was tired and rushed from the beginning. Stayed up all night painting and preparing thoughtful(I hope) presents, then dropped them off at around 4:45am. Slept at 5:30am, so I’d be rested up for work at 6:30am-11:00am. Had school at Noon, but asked if I could leave at 4:30pm instead of the usual 5:30pm, then called Hooters for some wings to go(she LOVES those things) because we didn’t have time to have a “real” nice dinner. Decided I could make the most out of this, and stopped by Sav-On and bought a candle, cheap wine glasses and Coca-cola. I picked her up, and she was tired because she had just come home from work. Anyway, we lit the candle, prayed for the food, and made a toast… “To Valentine’s Day!” She then spent about half an hour on the phone with her mother on the way to the Arclight in Hollywood. Sigh. Anyway, Music and Lyrics was cute, and so was that building with the illuminated heart. Those were the highlights(?). We then sped home so she could spend the rest of the night with her sisters, and as usual lately, received one of her awkward hugs. So yeah. At least the pictures make it look memorable. Or not.

Feeling unappreciated as of late? A tad. I sugarcoated it. :-/