This letter wasn’t designed to be cliche or effusively romantic. This is a real and outward expression of what I couldn’t verbalize on Saturday night.

I am not an O.C. loving bro or aspiring doctor or witty cambodian. I know that I am not the best-looking or the most talented. I also know that I cannot change those aspects of myself, and I would have no intention of doing so. All I can ever be is me and who God shapes me to be. And with all my being, all I want is for you to be truly happy. I want to be the person who will help guide you in your walk with God. I want to be the person who will help encourage and strengthen you in time of need. I want to share blessings with you, pray with you, and be a prime example of how a Godly man should be. Of course, I am still working on that aspect, but it is something that I strive for and continually pray for. This isn’t an attempt to sell myself with big words or false promises. This is who I am, who I intend to be, and every word is meant from the the heels of my feet to the beating of my heart. Time spent with you has never left me with regret. (And that’s a lot of time. Haha.) We’ve made many memories, and there are so many more in store. “We got older, but we’re still young.” I am not asking you to be with me. I am asking for consideration. We are both incredibly busy with work, school, and ministry and I don’t plan on interrupting any focus on that for either of us. But please keep me, as well as this whole situation in your prayers, as will I. God’s blessed me with your presence and friendship for the past seven, almost eight years and I don’t intend on losing what we have. I pray that things won’t be awkward, and that our friendship will only continue to grow in the way it has as of yet. This will be the last mention of this subject unless you are the individual who brings it up.