“and everything good in the world is you” :)

being screamed at all damn day and calling my mother dearest “hormonal” to her face and moping. and moping some more. getting dressed up and having my hootchie (inside joke)-little-man self picked up and driven off to Newport beach. w/ taco bell. but only after enduring a ‘voice-change.’ discussing my favorite song in the whole freaking universe accompanied with a bean burrito & two beef chalupas. we brainstormed “the list” and discussed eyes the size of basketballs, sang a little fall out boy here and there. and i’ll never be the same.

“i am so the best thing to ever happen in your lifetime. change the “i” to “you” and the “your” to “my”.”

i love you too, Hendrix.


– excerpt from http://rachelfeliza.blogspot.com