When the chase is all you know.

January 15, 2008

Seeing the two of you together almost every moment I even get to catch a glimpse of you is taking its toll (in just about every aspect). And I think the little look-away glances from me are getting noticeable. Wishing that the sight and sound of you didn’t have any affect on my heart; but in a way, I’m kind of glad it does. Sigh. You’d think I’d be over it by now.

Funny how girls find these sappy little love notes incredibly cute when its to any girl other than them. That being said, Katrina Alaia will not be amused. And here’s another apology, for the feelings I feel and the way(s) I choose to vocalize them. Well, this technically isn’t vocalizing, but you get the idea. And c’mon, it isn’t like it’s some huge secret.

p.s. My toothpaste says it has “whitening oxygen bubbles”. I’d be more inclined to buy toothpaste that had “whitening ACID bubbles”. That would sound much more believable.


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