Smiles at 2:45am.

February 28, 2008

Bianca: HENDRIX!
Hendrix: Bianca!
Bianca: :)
Hendrix: Will you still be in Paris after spring break?
Hendrix: If I sent you something, would you receive it?
Bianca: haha yes i’m coming back to paris after sb
Hendrix: I mean, not that I’m sending you anything…
Bianca: haha well fine then.
Bianca: well yeah i’ll be back in two weeks
Hendrix: Expect something when you get back to Paris.
Hendrix: For now, I need to sleep! Work soon. Eh.
Bianca: ahhh hendrix, i love you.
Bianca: have a good night’s sleep
Hendrix: Haha thank you.
Hendrix: Oh, and I love you back. <3
Bianca: yayyy!

God, she is a beaut. & I wanna hug her forever and ever.


So Fidel Castro has finally stepped down as Cuba’s leader. Hard to grasp.

Birthday sushi and yogurtland with the bff, birthday (burnt) cookies :), cakes, texts, phone calls, emails, and comments. Minus one, but eff that. Painted one final jellyfish. Gave up on a dream for the 2905725314th time, with the realization that maybe it wasn’t meant to be. AGAIN. Damn, I hate Valentine’s Day. Finishing up Me Talk Pretty One Day by the hilarious David Sedaris, which reminds me… I LOVE LOVE LOVE BIANCA GOCHUICO. To death. I am still a LOST fanatic. Random kickbacks with new random people and being genuinely happy. Faux golf expertise at Pacific Palms is always fun with Kristopher Saliba. Other people too I guess. Haha. Disneyland every week and falling back in love with spontaneity.

All is right in the world.

As the world turns.

February 4, 2008

So a 23-year-old man was recently sentenced to death in Afghanistan for downloading. Not songs, or porn, or movies, but a report. A report of the Afghan government’s harsh treatment of women. He downloaded and distributed the report to other professors and students. Glad to know we’re spending billions of dollars to continue keeping the peace and spreading our good ol’ notions of freedom overseas. (That’s sarcasm, folks.) Read about it for yourself at

*On a slightly lighter note — Actually overheard on the streets of NY.
Person One: I heard Osama may run for President in 2008. That’s crazy, man. If he comes out the cave, they will get him for sure.
Person Two: I think it’s Obama who may run — Senator Obama.
Person One: Oh. I still think Osama would have a chance.

So this is what the United States has come to. Thank God for inane distractions like the Superbowl to help us lose focus on important global issues. Go Giants.

Man or mouse.

February 4, 2008

Screaming at you at the top of my lungs — Only heard from between my own ears. I’m constantly left in sullen states and this is borderline pathetic by now. After all, I am only being myself, but who am I anymore. A glass half full kind of boy; I’m taking my naivety with me to the grave. As always, wanting to type “leaving it all in His hands” ; ever reiterate that to yourself so many times that it gets to the point of saying it just to get through the day? I know God is good and I trust in His promises, but I’m still praying intently that my head and heart are nothing short of or less than genuine. It’s about time to move on. You obviously are. Sometimes I just don’t know nothin’ ’bout hopes or spirits or hearts or lungs or love.

P.S. Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year 2007 is “w00t” w/ 2 zeros. WTH.

This was amusing:

Lexie.: what is on jellyfish?
Lexie.: like on drugs?
Preakin hendriX: haha… like… “thoughts on jellyfish”…
Preakin hendriX: or as in… “this blog is about jellyfish”
Lexie.: ooh. so you like jellyfish?
Preakin hendriX: hahahah you could say that
Lexie.: but theyre eeevil =( especially in finding nemo
Preakin hendriX: hahahaha evil!!!
Preakin hendriX: hahaha.
Lexie.: you like evil living things!!!
Preakin hendriX: apparently.