Smiles at 2:45am.

February 28, 2008

Bianca: HENDRIX!
Hendrix: Bianca!
Bianca: :)
Hendrix: Will you still be in Paris after spring break?
Hendrix: If I sent you something, would you receive it?
Bianca: haha yes i’m coming back to paris after sb
Hendrix: I mean, not that I’m sending you anything…
Bianca: haha well fine then.
Bianca: well yeah i’ll be back in two weeks
Hendrix: Expect something when you get back to Paris.
Hendrix: For now, I need to sleep! Work soon. Eh.
Bianca: ahhh hendrix, i love you.
Bianca: have a good night’s sleep
Hendrix: Haha thank you.
Hendrix: Oh, and I love you back. <3
Bianca: yayyy!

God, she is a beaut. & I wanna hug her forever and ever.


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