Overheard in Chino Hills: Espressornography.

March 20, 2008

I’ll try to keep this short, but I also want to give you details. Let’s see how this goes. So I was on a 30-minute break at the Starbucks where I live–I mean work at, when a couple walked in. A distinguished-looking white male in a new suit who I observed to be in his late 30’s or early 40’s, and an average-looking but pretty white woman with blond hair who was dressed in sweats. She was about 24 years old or so. This was around 8:00am, mind you. A couple minutes later, a black male, who seemed to be around the same age as the first man, and dressed in basketball gear walked in, and another young blond girl was with him. This one was prettier, I guess because she had much more makeup on, and was dressed semi-professionally in a pantsuit, albeit provocatively with her cleavage clearly visible. Yeah, I noticed. Haha. Anyway, the four of them sat at a table fairly close to mine, while I franticly played Diner Dash on my Sidekick (it’s a stressful game!), and I thought nothing of them. I noticed the second blond go to the register to buy a drink while the three still at table, conversed. The white male says to the “average” pretty girl (discreetly, yet not discreetly enough to not let me hear it): “So, you think you can do this?” She responded quickly, sharply, and with a bit of anger in her voice: “Of course I can. It’s just porn.” I calmly and quietly sat and fiddled with my Sidekick, pretending that I was oblivious to anything any of them had said. I blocked out everything their conversation consisted of for about one more minute, got up, and walked away.

And so ends Hendrix’s uncomfortable story hour. ‘Til next time!


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