eunice is a homo

March 27, 2008

Hendrix: The waitress here looks like a supermodel
Hendrix: Even has the height
Eunice.: Ooohhhh
Eunice.: Take a picture!
Hendrix: Haha I think she’s a fob
Eunice.: Wat?! Where u at?
Hendrix: Royal buffet
Eunice.: She’s filipino?
Hendrix: Like chinese
Hendrix: Or some kind of asian
Eunice.: Ohhh
Eunice.: U don’t like asian girls!! Wats wrong with you?!
Hendrix: I like hot girls
Eunice.: Ooohh me too
Hendrix: Duh. If they’re hot, the nationality don’t matter
Eunice.: Hahaha
Eunice.: True
Hendrix: You’re gay.


2 Responses to “eunice is a homo”

  1. retard. let the whole world know i’m gay. great. *sigh*

  2. A Says:

    haha, we already knew she was gay.But know it’s proven!LoL

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