fistfights of sorts

May 7, 2008

Perplexing optimism as of late and sometimes I can’t wrap my head around it all. Like maybe I shouldn’t be because sometimes there is “so much” to be pessimistic about. Like maybe I’m in denial. But slowly (&quickly?) learning that happiness doesn’t indicate inauthenticity. And breathing life in is alright. For once. I’m a 24 year old dreamer with attempts to prove that we aren’t blessed with this life to inevitably waste it or give up. Like grass pushing it’s way through the cracks of the sidewalk and I can’t help but smile. Life lately is feeling kind of like the beginning of a Dr. Seuss book, all crazy and fun and unpredictable but

Sometimes all you really ever want is some kind of affection. You want someone to reach out to hold your hand for once, to wrap their arms around you when you don’t expect it. It would just feel nice to feel love(d).

So yeah, I dunno. Life.


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