20. Her lactose intolerance. It’s the best. 19. John Mayer, Incubus, Damien Rice, Thrice, Coheed and Cambria, Fall Out Boy, Underoath, Jimmy Eat World, Brand New, and countless others. There will never be an individual who can sing every lyric to every song with me when I play various and random musical artists in my car the way she does. 18. Kevin Malone, Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute, Jim Halpert, Pam Beesly. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Go die. 17. She loves Brandon Boyd almost as much as I do. 16. Harry f’n Potter. 15. Thrift-shopping skills. 14. The PLAN. 13. How she uses “big” words, not to sound intelligent or intellectual, but because she is. 12. The way she takes pictures; not of just anything (though it may seem like it), but her eye for the little and simpler, yet beautiful things amazes me. Even more so when I see the same appreciation in other aspects of her life. 11. How she smiles that smug little smile and takes pride in thinking she knows me so well. 10. How she freakin’ knows me so well. Argh. 09. The mocking laugh that comes from her mouth and weird face she makes when I tease or ridicule her and she doesn’t have a clever or sarcastic retort to shoot back at me as quickly as she’d like. 08. How she sings in front of me, and almost no one else. 07. The constant footprints on my windshield. And that people notice them and are totally grossed/freaked out. Gahaha. 06. The way she apologizes after reciting certain lines of certain songs. Ahem. And if you don’t know, now you know. 05. Annual beach dates. Island Ave, tower 6. Dressing up, Taco bell, endless picture taking, and amazing conversation. 04. The way she looks at me when her mother and I have long conversations. Or when I tell her I love her mother. It’s priceless. 03. Her incredibly… genuine hugs and sincere smiles. I think that that’s a funny adjective to use for hugs, but it seems so appropriate. I literally feel… loved. It’s a good feeling. 02. She knows all my passwords to everything on my computer, so I am sort of HAVE to love her. 01. Everything about her person; her being. And the fact that this started out as a 10-item list. As well as the fact that I can think of so many more reasons. <3.