the battle between heart and mind and you

September 9, 2008

My primary objective now is to get things back to normal with her(you). Not just pretend or act or profess like things are back to how they were, but to actually and literally do it. THOSE days were the best because there were no attempts to impress(which I probably didn’t), and just plain, dorky, unadulterated fun. Days riddled with random laughter, impersonations, venting, prayer, and encouragement. I was already buying you food, but that was just so that you could eat. Haha. And I didn’t(and still don’t) mind. But if there’s one thing I want you to understand about me and my feelings that have grown for you in the past month: Everything I’ve said, that I’ve done for you was done with the utmost sincerity and genuineness. Please please please try to understand what goes on inside this obscure head/heart of mine. There are real, true feelings involved. Not anything shallow or superficial. I’ve come to realize that you aren’t just another girl, but someone amazingly unique and incredible; someone I never tire having conversations with or smiling with. This is all new to me; the feelings. Every circumstance is so different regarding who I am maturing to be as well as the one-dimensional things I used to chase after. So I guess there’s a battle between two parts of me: there’s that part of me that just wants to go back in time to when we were comfortable, but there is this other part, an overwhelming part that just can’t give up pursuing you and praying for you and wondering why we can’t be comfortable either way. This is day one of the “getting over her” process.

And actually, now that I think about it, we’d make great friends. Hope you have an awesome and blessed day. :)


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