February 26, 2009

and everyone and their moms are on facebook. quite literally. friend requests and comments from tita mabel, tita liza, tita beth nadua, tita bambi(rach’s mom), as well as from my actual aunts, and it’s kind of bizarre, but not in a bad way. apparently, i’ve had the urge to blog lately; don’t know why, but hey, who needs a reason.

current music: “marching bands of manhattan” by death cab for cutie


new puppy

February 23, 2009

so bess got me a little fishy for my birthday. haven’t really named him, but keep telling everyone who asks it’s named after them. his name will most likely be eunice, but the names voldy volds, johnny knoxville, albus dumbledore, abby antonio, kipper jr. (r.i.p.), dwight, or neil patrick harris haven’t been ruled out as of yet. i’ve never really had my own fish to take care of, and i hope i can be responsible enough to keep him alive and kicking(or swimming, rather), especially since it was a gift from bess and you all know how sentimental i can be. and it might be crossing the line if i decide to keep it posthumously(i mean the fish posthumously, not me.) we’ll have to wait and see i guess. anyway, it’s beautiful.

current music: “welcome, ghosts” by explosions in the sky

Magnified glasses, and this boy is entirely much too close to his computer screen. Watching regulars from my store walk in and out of THIS Starbucks, and maybe we’re all creatures of habit and maybe sometimes it doesn’t matter where. I am one example. I’ve no real ideas or profound thoughts to jot down, just, nothing. Finally finished downloading all the La Blogotheque “Les Concerts A Emporter” to the iPod. (klepto) There’s a cover of Coldplay’s “Yellow” playing above me; it’s soothing. & God, I wish Rachel were here. I also really really really miss Steph. Like lots.

birthday wishlist

February 1, 2009

Rebel EOS XS, The new 13″ Macbook, Sea Nettle, G1, Meg & Dia, or Meg & Dia, or Meg & Dia, Authentics (gargoyle, white, or all black), Anything here, Porkchops, Beard, nothing really, just quality time with bess, friends, and fam. And money. :)