we’re waking up before falling asleep. staring out at nothingness through a starbucks window, which incidentally, is also a wall; letting my fingertips do the talking, thinking, and maybe this is a bad idea. we’ll see. “no one wants to hear you sing about tragedy.” between me and blue skies I see black clouds and i’m hoping that isn’t a sign of things to come or if it is, hoping i’ll see it in the glass half full sense. who cares about grammar (!), although i’m still conscious of spelling and i’ve always been one to pretend to take things as they come but secretly planning one step ahead and still messing it all up in the end and i guess that’s reason for the pretentious charade. “no one wants to hear you sing about tragedy.” i’m always one iceberg off being a dreamboat. remembering when she asked me if it was “iceberg” or “iceburg”? that ship’s sailed, mine’s sunk. I’ve always been water in her lungs, she never needed me and it’s okay. she said i’m forgetting who i am but joke’s on her because i don’t think i’ve ever known. “no one wants to hear you sing about tragedy.” ominous and gloomy, weather’s still nice and i enjoy it. can’t wait to take photos when it inevitably gets beautiful again in chino hills. for now though, let’s dance in the midst of these storms; wind and rain and thunder and you in your favorite dress, and me in my sunday best and sometimes love ain’t nothin’ but a number. or something like that.

everyone loves to hear songs about tragedy


project manager

March 12, 2009

and what. so i walk into this pomona business office thinking i’m interviewing for a receptionist position at a prom gown distributer, and end up being a project manager for an internet company instead. kind of crazy and what i’ve been fervently praying for (a job, i mean). i don’t know if i like it very much, but i pretty much NEED the money. and by the way, the other side of the office does sell prom gowns, as well as other formal evening gowns, and cocktail dresses. And they are gorgeous, i must say.


March 9, 2009

and sometimes we are just the life of the party. update later.

hakuna matata

March 3, 2009

Hok, after pulling his next style of dance out of a hat on So You Think You Can Dance Season 3: “Samba! Wait, that’s the guy from Lion King, right?”