cuckoo for cocoa puff

June 2, 2009

swimming in wishing wells, and they make padded rooms for white jacket thoughts such as these. things to never give me in the middle of a crowded night with crowded ideas and tired eyes: energy drinks or loaded guns or loaded tongues or internet access and a keyboard. it all kills me one way or another. and funny, we are all still trying to come to life. resurrection, but not — because it isn’t defined that way if we’ve never lived in the first place. so just… surrection? And these blogs are just love/hate letters, sometimes to ourselves. leaning a little towards the latter lately because I don’t know what’s wise or what isn’t and maybe that’s because its about full trust in Him. learning, living. i know this entry sounds dark at times, ominous even, but it’s the opposite. i’ve got a glowing face, and not just because i’ve got a laptop in front of me in a pitch black room. it’s something indescribable and intangible and i’ll leave it at that. why do people read this blog when i make it a point to make it decipherable to only me.

my computer still has that new computer smell

i hate when you’re typing and there’s a red line under “misspelled” words

is there anyone who didn’t go to the st. vincent show tonight at the el rey? or am i the only one argh jealous

tattoo ideas: gryffindor crest, all you need is love, polar bear, jellyfish, astronaut, mustache finger, aj’s forbidden “friut” drawing, hendrix is for lovers, that chinese good luck cat, sleeping beauty castle, africa, “good nite” knuckles, bomb, i <3 mom, i appreciate brand new, various quotes from the office, butterfly–lower back, abigayle ancheta


One Response to “cuckoo for cocoa puff”

  1. steph Says:

    butterfly–lower back hahahahha eww that's so grosss you big dork hahahahhahahahahaha

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