hendrix and steph’s infinite playlist

June 17, 2009

9:02pm: saw tweet, texted steph. steph’s phone was dead, she didn’t get back to me until after 10ish; looking back, there was no way we could’ve made it, but steph’s one-minute prep time (a first in the history of life) and almost-car crashes and empty carpool lanes and john mayer sing-alongs and the less than 30-minute speed-racer drive to hollywood will forever be memorable

11:51pm: get in line at hotel cafe in hollywood for john mayer’s semi-secret $5.00 show, walk by some indie chick peeing on side of alley

12:04am: the seductive face steph plans on using on john mayer; we find a secret way in through an unlocked door, then steph accidentally locks it by kicking it

12:21am: crazy old druggie man serenades/entertains the line with good clap beats, dirtay south gospel, and horrible horrible voice

12:25am: although wishing we could shoot our ears off, the scenic alleyway and vintage-y buildings make the wait almost bearable

12:30am: after taking in as much as we could handle of the old man’s audio torture, we give up, start walking around the block to search for good ol’ los angeles adventure

12:33am: as we pass the 2nd entrance, we spot a group of fans huddled near the door; we can totally hear john mayer, two new songs, then waiting on the world to change and neon; guitar solos and amazing voice make me want to fly forever in my mind they are so mind-blowingly good, remember why we love john mayer, makes me love l.a., makes me love this night, this trip

stephanie after hearing about john’s uncut hair: “i like john mayer’s head shaved.”
2nd grade level teacher, enthusiastically: “I like it long, more to grab on to.. rawr”

1:22am: after the set, we make like paparazzi and stalk john mayer’s car, pete wentz walks out seemingly unaffected by the actual paparazzi crowding his body; he seems like a nice guy and a jerk at the same time, difficult to read or explain

1:29am: steph and i chase john mayer until he gets into his porsche suv, man he is too cool; the trip is officially worthwhile, his body is a wonderland haha

1:33am: after pictures with newsstands which is apparently tradition for us now, we spend about 20 minutes on a wild goose chase for an old mexican man who has my car keys, we experience los angeles in all of its greatness, take in the smells

2:27am: toilet paper in our arms, we die, the end; nothing short of amazing
then again, it’s just another normal night for steph and i; we are animals


2 Responses to “hendrix and steph’s infinite playlist”

  1. steph Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH this was too much fun. i TOTALLY LOL'D like five times from your captions & pics! hahahahah i TRULY love this drix! you're freiki'n awesome!! hahah ai wish i could have been more fun, but I was just so disappointed that i skipped on making filipino sausages and didn't get to go in :(..BUT AT LEAST WE SAW HIM! YEOOOOOOWWWWWWWW! ;Dp.s.. can our playlist keep going? :D

  2. rachel Says:

    i thought i was jealous the first time. i was wrong. MUH!

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