text-based blogs are so 2001

June 21, 2012

I was reading a few blogs on Blogger and WordPress earlier, and it’s amazing how many people still write for themselves — not for comments or reblogs or “likes” — about their lives, their experiences, all in explicit detail. Long, intelligent, beautiful passages. Imagine that!

After being on Tumblr for so long, you forget that there are more substancial topics to write and read about. You forget that you yourself were capable of writing about such things. Our dashboards are filled with reblogged beautiful photos and art and quotes and excerpts from books but most times, they’re just things we like, not objects that will recall memories of certain situations and experiences in life. Emphasis on the word “most” before some of you crucify me, because who am I to say what you might be able to recall or not recall, because honestly, one song lyric could mean the world at times.

I also feel that many on Tumblr cater to their followers and friends, making sure they’re percieved a certain way. I’ve been guilty of the same “crime”, in a sense, picking and choosing my words, my photos, omitting certain insights or opinions to avoid judgement or gain more “likes” or reblogs. But it’s difficult; we actually DO have to censor ourselves because we know exactly who’s following and reading our posts, as well as how each might react. It’s such a far jump from how I used to blog, when it was all strangers reading each others heartaches, venting sessions, or joyful moments. I wore my heart on my sleeve then, without fear, although I don’t really know which is better, bottling certain things up, or letting it all out.

This isn’t a post to impose some kind of condescension upon Tumblr members, but to convey an appreciation for those who genuinely write from the heart, without a longing for affirmation from either friends or strangers. I’ve also hoped that might be an inspiration to those who have only known Tumblr, to explore, read, learn, write, and appreciate beyond what they know Tumblr to be, because there are some incredible text-based blogs, not just on Blogger or WordPress, but even on Tumblr as well. They’re just hard to find, and even when we do stumble across one, we aren’t inclined to click the “follow” button.


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