Had an amazing getaway from Los Angeles: SF consisted of scenic road trips, puppies (Winston), pork bellies, airBnB, long walks, bridges, bars, Bart, sharing tables/conversation at La Boulange with a nice older lady, and hilariously getting drunk off sangria with the sis and bro-in-law. Part one of SB consisted of train rides, beaches, downtowns, more pork bellies (plus other amazing foods), more bars, more long walks, wine tastings, photography, relaxation, reflection, and one Tinder meet up with a gorgeous young lady named Alexandra, then getting high off weed (and oxygen) on my balcony while conversing about everything and nothing in particular. My one regret was not hooking up with her when I definitely could’ve (as proven by text messages afterward, haha.) Part two with Katrina, Daniel, and Bic was incredibly wholesome yet equally as fun, filled with inside jokes, selfies, and laughter. It was a good vacation.


btm bonfire 2012

July 9, 2012


More photos from this set HERE.

independence day blurb

July 6, 2012

Ok, best 4th of July ever. EVER.

Katrina Alaia, drive to Brea, closed favorite restaurants in Fullerton and Diamond Bar, Chickfila, Ontario Mills with Tita Cyn, plus Steph, Dan, Ron Tua, Barbecue, Vantage Point, driving through the streets of La Puente following the sights and sounds of fireworks and finding the biggest and most dangerous ones in the residentials (tha hood, haha), gangsta rap switched to KOST, 10pm ice cream trucks, dead battery ice cream trucks, jump starting an ice cream truck, getting free ice cream in return, and fireworks on the way back, all with amazing, amazing company. Good day, I didn’t even have to use my AK.

AimeePhotoShootEdited 122

Model: Aimee
More photos from this set HERE.

christmas eve festivities

December 25, 2011

Adrian, Mike, Led, Sarah, K, Henry, Dan, Pastor Kris, AJ, Liz, Kevin. And I’m not a huge fan of big groups, but when partnered with tri-tip roast & avocado tortas and 12 hours of The Lord of the Rings Extended Special Editions in glorious Blu-ray, I’m much more inclined to make an exception.

Christmas Eve with the Tuasons until having to get to my family party was an added bonus.

Family party confessional at the “kids” table;

Cousin: “… So he was pissed that I had slept with his fiancé…”
Me: “Okay, well, I’m going to get some more prime rib but feel free to finish this story without me, haha.” *Leaves table, and comes back two minutes later…
Everyone At Table: “Hendrix, you missed the best part! Listen to the end of the story!”
Me: “Fine, fine. Go on.”
Cousin: “Where was I?”
Me: “You were at the part where you slept with the guy’s fiancé or something.” *At this point, I was looking down and cutting my food.
Cousin: “You slept with WHO? How could you??” *While looking/blaming my little cousin. I was very confused. Everyone breaks into laughter.

Apparently my Aunt walked in just as I said, “You were at the part where you slept with the guy’s fiancé or something.” She heard what I said, paused and walked away and I never even saw.

Merry Christmas, all.

crying over spilt milk (tea)

September 29, 2011

Looks as though Boiling Crab has made it onto on my list of weekly to-do’s, and it’s even better when I get to terrorize those delicious shrimp with amazing company.

Anti-social as of late but Katrina Alaia’s always been the exception. Blessed to have her as a friend, sister, confidante, listener, story-teller, and over-all entertainment. Conversations consisting of but not limited to business education, late-night/early-morning inappropriate laughfests about ridiculous situations, and heartfelt concern and analyzation for difficult ones.

Anyway, nights like this inspire, encourage, and help me feel alive more than you might know. L ya.

P.s. One key moment during dinner: Unintentional inappropriate mass text message from Steph. Gahahahaha.

half-blood prince midnight show

01. privilege 02. pardon me 03. nice to know you 04. anna molly 05. stellar 06. megalomaniac 07. love hurts 08. drive (acoustic) 09. make yourself (acoustic) 10. dig (acoustic) 11. redefine 12. a certain shade of green 13. oil and water 14. quicksand 15. kiss to send us off 16. let’s go crazy 17. wish you were here 18. punchdrunk 19. warning 20. aqueous transmission

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9:02pm: saw tweet, texted steph. steph’s phone was dead, she didn’t get back to me until after 10ish; looking back, there was no way we could’ve made it, but steph’s one-minute prep time (a first in the history of life) and almost-car crashes and empty carpool lanes and john mayer sing-alongs and the less than 30-minute speed-racer drive to hollywood will forever be memorable

11:51pm: get in line at hotel cafe in hollywood for john mayer’s semi-secret $5.00 show, walk by some indie chick peeing on side of alley

12:04am: the seductive face steph plans on using on john mayer; we find a secret way in through an unlocked door, then steph accidentally locks it by kicking it

12:21am: crazy old druggie man serenades/entertains the line with good clap beats, dirtay south gospel, and horrible horrible voice

12:25am: although wishing we could shoot our ears off, the scenic alleyway and vintage-y buildings make the wait almost bearable

12:30am: after taking in as much as we could handle of the old man’s audio torture, we give up, start walking around the block to search for good ol’ los angeles adventure

12:33am: as we pass the 2nd entrance, we spot a group of fans huddled near the door; we can totally hear john mayer, two new songs, then waiting on the world to change and neon; guitar solos and amazing voice make me want to fly forever in my mind they are so mind-blowingly good, remember why we love john mayer, makes me love l.a., makes me love this night, this trip

stephanie after hearing about john’s uncut hair: “i like john mayer’s head shaved.”
2nd grade level teacher, enthusiastically: “I like it long, more to grab on to.. rawr”

1:22am: after the set, we make like paparazzi and stalk john mayer’s car, pete wentz walks out seemingly unaffected by the actual paparazzi crowding his body; he seems like a nice guy and a jerk at the same time, difficult to read or explain

1:29am: steph and i chase john mayer until he gets into his porsche suv, man he is too cool; the trip is officially worthwhile, his body is a wonderland haha

1:33am: after pictures with newsstands which is apparently tradition for us now, we spend about 20 minutes on a wild goose chase for an old mexican man who has my car keys, we experience los angeles in all of its greatness, take in the smells

2:27am: toilet paper in our arms, we die, the end; nothing short of amazing
then again, it’s just another normal night for steph and i; we are animals