Dan Harmon, about Community

September 11, 2012

“This is a show about broken people. All of them are quite alone, some involuntarily, some by their own hand, some without realizing it, but none of them come to the study room table with the emotional advantages held by that mythical creature known as ‘a normal person.’ There are no normal people, there are just different kinds of weird, all of it is human and all humanity is better than everything inhuman.”


btm bonfire 2012

July 9, 2012


More photos from this set HERE.


And this is one of them.
Photo Credit: Matthew Romasanta for http://www.explodingbuffalo.com/

calvin the wise

May 10, 2012

It’s funny, but of all the books I’ve read and re-read as a kid (to the present even), Calvin and Hobbes has always been a staple of how I perceive friendship, love, my parents, school, nature, the universe, and even God, albeit subtly. More than just a comic strip, profound ideas and ideologies can be found within the humor. Did I mention that I have the ENTIRE collection? Ten years of collecting, but it is now complete.

crying over spilt milk (tea)

September 29, 2011

Looks as though Boiling Crab has made it onto on my list of weekly to-do’s, and it’s even better when I get to terrorize those delicious shrimp with amazing company.

Anti-social as of late but Katrina Alaia’s always been the exception. Blessed to have her as a friend, sister, confidante, listener, story-teller, and over-all entertainment. Conversations consisting of but not limited to business education, late-night/early-morning inappropriate laughfests about ridiculous situations, and heartfelt concern and analyzation for difficult ones.

Anyway, nights like this inspire, encourage, and help me feel alive more than you might know. L ya.

P.s. One key moment during dinner: Unintentional inappropriate mass text message from Steph. Gahahahaha.

growing up doesn’t necessarily mean absence of fun or sense of child-likeness, does it? God, i hope not. here’s to happiness and learning from our mistakes and accepting responsibilities. and realities. and possibilities. and impossibilities. and other words that end in -ilities.

and love.

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i’m in l.a., trick

June 14, 2009

summer sweaters and scarves and inconsistent weather and im having trouble remembering what summer feels like in southern california. nothing is what it should be lately. attempting to keep certain situations out of mind, but doing the exact opposite, unintentionally singing second voice to every dashboard confessional song i hear and it freaks me out.

i am addicted to: twitter, apple iPod touch applications, mountain dew, ebay, string cheese, thrift stores, sleep, being awake, sytycd, coffee smells, man purses, polaroids, mixtapes to myself, and the sheer genious fashion senses of blake lively, camilla belle, and whitney port

wth, I spelled “genius” wrong