(500) days of summer

August 13, 2009

with rachel dejesus


half-blood prince midnight show

01. privilege 02. pardon me 03. nice to know you 04. anna molly 05. stellar 06. megalomaniac 07. love hurts 08. drive (acoustic) 09. make yourself (acoustic) 10. dig (acoustic) 11. redefine 12. a certain shade of green 13. oil and water 14. quicksand 15. kiss to send us off 16. let’s go crazy 17. wish you were here 18. punchdrunk 19. warning 20. aqueous transmission

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sleepover 3

July 14, 2009

3am & realizing the word “bed” looks like a bed and you’re in min(e/d)

“hello. this is a formal announcement letting you know that I will be kidnapping you sometime very soon. good day.”

— rachel dejesus on my voicemail; a few minutes ago

at least i hope that was rachel. creepy. haha. on a lighter and less scary note, while the parents have been away in the philippines, i’ve been trying to think of obscure things i can do around the house that i basically wouldn’t do if they were around. (evil laugh goes here.)

so far all i’ve managed to do is use the bathroom with the door open.