christmas eve festivities

December 25, 2011

Adrian, Mike, Led, Sarah, K, Henry, Dan, Pastor Kris, AJ, Liz, Kevin. And I’m not a huge fan of big groups, but when partnered with tri-tip roast & avocado tortas and 12 hours of The Lord of the Rings Extended Special Editions in glorious Blu-ray, I’m much more inclined to make an exception.

Christmas Eve with the Tuasons until having to get to my family party was an added bonus.

Family party confessional at the “kids” table;

Cousin: “… So he was pissed that I had slept with his fiancé…”
Me: “Okay, well, I’m going to get some more prime rib but feel free to finish this story without me, haha.” *Leaves table, and comes back two minutes later…
Everyone At Table: “Hendrix, you missed the best part! Listen to the end of the story!”
Me: “Fine, fine. Go on.”
Cousin: “Where was I?”
Me: “You were at the part where you slept with the guy’s fiancé or something.” *At this point, I was looking down and cutting my food.
Cousin: “You slept with WHO? How could you??” *While looking/blaming my little cousin. I was very confused. Everyone breaks into laughter.

Apparently my Aunt walked in just as I said, “You were at the part where you slept with the guy’s fiancé or something.” She heard what I said, paused and walked away and I never even saw.

Merry Christmas, all.


the seduction fail

June 26, 2009

Thursday night, Steph mentions she wants to watch a movie. Assuming she wanted to watch at my house because movies and couches and pjs are the norm in regards to our “movie nights”, i was surprised by her desire to have the viewing at her house instead, at 9:40pm no less. To make sure I bite the bait, she even reiterates the fact that she has fresh-baked chocolate and red velvet cupcakes for me to munch on. Honestly, how can i resist? I grab the nearest movie, which happens to be Disney’s Enchanted, drive over, walk through the front door and notice a stunning Stephanie Baloy in her pjs, and a dark, empty house illuminated only by numerous candles. Hmm. We make small talk, and she says that she needs to get something from her car. She comes back, but with new glasses on! (Sigh) She and everyone else knows how i feel about pretty girls and glasses. I still don’t know what she got out of her car. Haha, what a temptress. Not trying to make it obvious that i know what she’s up to, i show Steph that i brought the light-hearted romantic and innocent Enchanted, an idea which she quickly shoots down. “Let’s go upstairs and watch Australia!”, she says enthusiastically. (Apparently, the movie is bootleg and can only be watched on the desktop computer.) NOTE: I’ve heard Australia is a pretty provocative movie haha. We make our way upstairs to a room with ONE chair (ahem), and lo and behold, she “can’t find it.” Hmm again. After a good half-hour of searching (including her room) and reminiscing over old pictures on the computer with myself consciously trying to keep a safe distance, we make our way back downstairs. We have a great talk for a while, and i think after realizing her elaborate plan was not going to work on me, we cut the night short. Oh Stephanie, don’t get me wrong; it isn’t that i don’t think you’re great or that you aren’t beautiful… I just feel that our friendship is far too important to be complicated by something such as this. I hope you understand my convictions regarding this matter.

Gahahahahahaha. And i only had one cupcake! Lameee.

Edit June 27th: Today, while in a vintage thrift shop located in Downtown Pasadena, Steph strategically stood behind me, knowing that when I attempted to move, my hand would somehow make full contact with her rear. The rest of the day was followed by loud shouts of “Hendrix, stop trying to touch my butt!” Embarrassing, really. Hahaha.

Disclaimer: This is a running gag between Steph and i, and is not meant to demean her character in any way. We are great friends who are overly dorky and crazy when in each other’s company, and she is a very dignified young lady — aside from the high-volume burps — who i respect immensely. :) Also, if you haven’t noticed, we obviously visually document every encounter that we have. Haha.

P.S. Please instant message me at ‘ladiesman100384’. GAHAHAHAHAHA.